Tuesday, March 23, 2010

End of an (ridiculously lengthy) era

I just read about the death of Wolfgang Wagner, Richard Wagner's grandson. He died on Sunday and he was 90 years old. I found this out through Alex Ross's blog, Unquiet Thoughts. It is strange to think that this guy was walking around after 8 generations or something. He called Adolf Hitler Uncle Wolf.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

time time time time

I played in a premiere of a Nathan Currier piece earlier this month and I could never get the text out of my brain: time time time time time, so on and so forth. I always want time, more time to do more things, but there is never enough. And when I finally have that time I am more content to stare into space like a zombie, more content to feel empty and sorry for myself. It is almost as if all of this stuff I am prone to doing is filling up the silence of my life, occupying my brain so that I don't have to think about myself.

Now I guess I am going to go for a walk and look at the lake or other people. I think I will go to a coffee shop and read or study for the history exam I have to take in a month. I will probably practice and teach a lesson. I was never really good at being alone.