Saturday, February 20, 2010


So the Title doesn't really refer to anything. I just needed one, so I randomly pulled that out of the air; WTF can't I have a weekend? WTF do there have to be so many rehearsals, keeping me from going to performances, not allowing me the time to buy important items like toilet paper?

There are no answers. This is a good weekend, though. I get to play some Berg, Bruch and Bartok Contrasts on Sunday night! I will miss this rep, but it is time for it to be released into the ether. Music is always rotating in and out like relay racers in my life and this is one of those rare instances where I have had a chance to really get to live with it.

I haven't taken any pictures! I haven't had the time! However, I have decided to post an old one because those are worth revisiting as well. I want a whole day. I want to drag myself through the snow to a coffee shop (not frequented by too many hipsters), read a book, and sip a full fat latte beverage. Then I want to shuffle back and watch a new arrival from netflix, surf the internet, cook dinner, and paint or something. ANYTHING but play the clarinet.

Even the black stick needs a break. :)