Saturday, April 17, 2010

mmm wine.

I haven't posted in a good long while!
I have lost my since of wonder in the world, so I am looking for what is good.

I am really into any wine sold at Trader Joe's. Right now I am sipping two-buck chuck pinot Grigio.

Today I made a decision that I will start exercising every day in some form or fashion. I should like myself better, so I have also decided to put good things in my body (and not the bad things).

I am going to read tonight FOR FUN. FICTION. Not about anything clarinet-related.

I enjoy the Flaming Lips Pandora section.

I performed in a recital tonight and I really had fun. A bonus was that I ate lunch, dinner, and dessert at recital receptions. I also got a Great Dane gift card.

I made $15 dollars for working with a student on a Broadway tune.

I laughed a lot and made other people laugh. I hugged someone who needed a hug badly.

I bought new, organic conditioner.

My clarinet teacher bragged about me to another clarinet teacher.

I cried when I watched a youtube video of puff the magic dragon.

*sips wine*

Saturday, April 3, 2010

leading a horse to water

He tugs on the reins, trying to force her to the bank.
Leather, sweat, fear;
these smells will promote a certain nostalgia in days to come,
sitting by the fireplace, on the porch, in the dandelions,
wherever, everywhere.
She is determined not to cross and is determined to pull his arms from the sockets.
There is no other way but this way
no matter how cold the fresh, rushing water,
how thick and threatening the mountain laurel
(hiding demonsmonsterstrolls, whether they are there or not, they could be),
no matter.
Here is where they have to cross.
Hooves flailing and stirrups flying, she rolls her eyes wildly, meeting his.
He must go first.
She can't be led to water
she won't put a foot, a thought into it
until he submerges himself.
The river is rushing high, higher than he has ever seen it,
over the slick river rocks, limbs and logs, jagged, poking out
through the mirror-surface,
water will make its way around these obstacles,
it never ceases, never stops.
It won't stop for him or her or anyone.
She will never cross
His calloused, weathered hands toss his jacket over her head.
The world is shut out.
There are only sounds of unknown origin
magnified by a sharp cold jab, a stumbling uncertainty,
his knowledge, hers, blesserhart, that one misstep could be the end.
Nostrils flare to catch a scent and there is only him.
There is only trust.