Thursday, July 8, 2010

photoblog failure?

I realize that I completely failed at 365 days of portraits/photos. I guess it is easy to forget when I have about ten billion other things going on. My interest in photography is greatly increased the past couple of weeks and I have had more time than usual (chronic unemployment) to ghetto-rig my camera and take photos.

Time to catch up, shall we? I have been assembling my favorites and I hope to have more subjects come by way.

Also, I am going to start archiving those favorites at My Flickr Account.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

summer music

I have always loved Samuel Barber's Summer Music, that tour de force for the woodwind quintet, the rite of passage for any chamber musician working in that medium. It is easy to talk about the imagery that Barber had to work with: the sweltering summer heat, humidity hanging in the air, people moving at turtle-speeds, mosquitos eating people alive. Lord. It feels like summer music in my house, just let me tell you. Last summer had its moments, but for some reason I find myself fantasizing about a window A/C unit, much like the one Kronor had in the living room last summer, complete with underwear (probably dirty) and clothing stuffed in the crevices.

My computer has to be put to sleep periodically because the typing becomes ridiculously slow and the poor thing overheats and makes like it is going to explode. I go out on my bike and ride for hours as the sun sets because it beats sitting in my sweat lodge.

But tonight, I bike to The Old Fashioned where I plan to have a local, cold-one with a friend who is moving away.

I am going to try not to cry tonight...but crying is just how I roll.