Friday, April 1, 2011

new experiences(?)

Lately I have been thinking a lot and have been trying to be a better person. I want to listen more to people, look strangers in the eye, take time. I guess the biggest is that I want to take the time to accomplish nothing. Accomplishing nothing means that I just sit and look out the window without thinking about what I have to do. It means that I listen to every word that B says and understand how she feels. It means that I forget about myself and all my plans.

I feel like I am cultivating myself for this career in music, thinking about it all the time. Well this or that looks great on my resume. I came to the realization sitting in a bar that I could potentially not have a career in music someday. That there are bigger things than my life and such and such, blah blah blah.

Maybe what I am trying to say is... I shouldn't drink.

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